now my soul has elbow room

welcome to where is specter!  a blog about art, food, books, music, and the phantasmagoria of life.

i’ve always been unsure about what authority i have to impose my thoughts upon others on the internet, but zadie smith’s assertion that she can’t stand reading her past work (work that i love) has helped me realize that my writing can have value to others even as i move away from it.  my future identity is not confined by my posts, and hating my posts doesn’t necessarily have to be such a bad thing.  ”there is a weird, inverse confidence to be had from feeling destroyed, because being destroyed, having to start again, means you have space in front of you, somewhere to go,” writes smith in her new collection of essays called changing my mind.  if smith can hate on beauty, then maybe this blog i hate is also genius and i’m just too close to it to judge?  maybe..not.  i think mostly it’s good to get my inner musings outside of myself.

so here’s to blogging and freeing my soul!


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