andrea zittel

andrea zittel is a self-proclaimed experiential artist, meaning that she actually lives out her tests of the overlapping plateaus of art, function, and authorship. her “uniform project” attempts to locate the small space between the freedom objects give us and the rigidity they require of us. zittel defies the consumerism needed for self-expression by wearing the same uniform every day for a season. zittel remains true to the essence of her materials by constructing clothing in the original rectangular shape of the fabric or knitting dresses from a single strand (knitting does not compromise the strand itself). what’s amazing is zittel’s sensitivity to each object while paradoxically pushing herself to eliminate objects from her life. it’s a noteworthy attitude in the face of our disposable consumer culture.

the images below depict zittel at work, a piece by bauhaus master anni albers, and examples of russian constructivist clothing.



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