hallo paulo freire

a germane quotation from paulo freire’s classic pedagogy of the oppressed:

“the pedagogy of the oppressed, as a humanist and libertarian pedagogy, has two distinct stages.  in the first, the oppressed unveil the world of oppression and through the praxis commit themselves to its transformation.  in the second stage, in which the reality of oppression has already been transformed, this pedagogy ceases to belong to the oppressed and becomes a pedagogy of all people in the process of permanent liberation.  in both stages, it is always through action in depth that the culture of domination is culturally confronted.  in the first stage this confrontation occurs through the change in the way the oppressed perceive the world of oppression; in the second stage, through the expulsion of the myths created and developed in the old order, which like specters haunt the new structure emerging from the revolutionary transformation.”


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