digital ashtray

heyy check out this site

digital ashtray is a domain for the young, cool photographer jack greer to share his work.  the pictures themselves are really nice looking: nice light, nice people, nice clothes, nice buildings, nice nail polish.  i really like them.  they look like the kind of photos that you would find in a really hot, hip person’s facebook album who brings their holga to parties.  (does anyone do that besides me?  look through hot people’s facebook albums that you don’t know very well who dress great and have fun friends?)

anyways, the obvious appeal of the photos is what makes the website format so interesting: greer does not make it easy to browse through the photos.  digital ashtray is not the passive facebook viewing experience. the photos are organized in a manner that’s a complete mystery to me, and each set of photos contains a different number of pictures.  to look at more pictures, you have to return to the home page, click on an unlabeled asterisk, and hope to land upon a long set that you can just sit back and scroll through.  but again, the pictures are so good looking, that of course you will want to look at more.  of course you want to see what the cool kids are up to.

greer explains his intentions for digital ashtray in this interview:

“i have issues with people having full access to viewing work through the internet – i think it allows for lazy viewing – pictures of sculptures/paintings/photographs all become part of a quick browse. for that reason, i wanted to acknowledge the simplicity of the interaction between online portfolio and viewer. rather than attempt professionalize my website by categorizing pictures in a manner that doesn’t suit the viewer, i figured it would be a digital ashtray. the index’s would serve as cigarette butts – asterisks – inside would contain any number of photos or sometimes just 1. the coherence of placing one photo next to another would be maintained by grouping the “events”… sometimes i have many photos of 1 day, and sometimes i have only 1 photo to describe a particular moment.”

the medium is the message, indeed.


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