loie fuller

photo by frederick glasier

an experimental dance pioneer in the early 20th century, loie fuller performed at the folies bergère and inspired artists across europe.

using bamboo rods and colored lights, fuller transfixed her audience with wings of billowing silk.

by henri de toulouse-lautrec

film, the new technology of the time, served as the perfect vehicle for the continuous flutter of fuller’s dance.

by koloman moser



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2 responses to “loie fuller

  1. Marcia

    Lovely still images of Loie. The person in the video of her dance is not Loie Fuller. I have seen hundreds of photographs of her, and this clip is of a Loie imitator. Incorrect identification of Loie in films is not unusual. Even the esteemed Victoria and Albert Museum made the same error some years ago when the museum had a large Art Nouveau exhibition. A huge moving image of “Loie” dancing was flashed high up on the wall continuously, but the dancer was an an imitator.

  2. Marcia

    The still images of Loie are lovely. Unfortunately this video clip is not Loie. I have looked at hundreds of Loie photographs and am certain the dancer is someone else. This is a common mistake. The esteemed Victoria and Albert Museum in London had a major Art Nouveau exhibit some years ago. A highlight of that show was a film of Loie dancing that was magnified,then projected high up, across a wall. It was impressive, but it was not Loie.

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