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alison scarpulla


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evident utensil

i learned how to datamosh this weekend! obviously chairlift knew what was up looong before i did: 

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loie fuller

photo by frederick glasier

an experimental dance pioneer in the early 20th century, loie fuller performed at the folies bergère and inspired artists across europe.

using bamboo rods and colored lights, fuller transfixed her audience with wings of billowing silk.

by henri de toulouse-lautrec

film, the new technology of the time, served as the perfect vehicle for the continuous flutter of fuller’s dance.

by koloman moser


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sunday at the deyoung

yesterday in my notebook i wrote: “is the piazzoni mural room at the deyoung the best museum room ever?”

it may very well be.


it is quiet in that room, even when the rest of the museum is not. sunlight streams in through windows facing the ever-fascinating music concourse. and then, there are the paintings themselves.


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stölzl crossed out the word 'student' on her bauhaus identification card and replaced it with the word 'master.' significantly, she did not use 'meisterin,' the female word for master, but rather 'meister' plain and simple.

i bought the most amazing book from my favorite store in the mission: gravel and gold. the book is called gunta stölzl: bauhaus master. through writings and artworks from stölzl from about 1917-1931, the book gives an incredibly intimate look at the bauhaus’ only female instructor. the images are so well printed that i found myself repeatedly touching them with my finger to confirm that they were not pasted in. highly recommended!

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felice casorati

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just some ultraviolet typhoons

i love these sunscapes on pruned

best viewed while listening to nina simone’s album of covers here comes the sun. (get it? sun????) download here.

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